Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How much should I consider, when choosing a place for taking guitar lessons?


A: Consider a few other options first before you actually select a guitar school. You might learn that this site will comprise just one tool in your guitar school search toolbox. Call around and ask a lot of questions. Make sure teachers are educated with proper college or university education.



Q: Can I add my guitar school to this website?


A: welcomes submissions to the site.

However, we do request that your school or studio be a Registered Business in Manitoba with the Manitoba Companies Office. We also request that you have a business telephone number, (listed in the current edition of the Winnipeg Yellow Pages Phone Book). We will be confirming this information before adding your guitar lessons business.



Q: I don't want my business listed on this website. Can I have my guitar school and store permanently removed?


A: Absolutely. Just send us a message asking that your business be removed from the website. We will have it off the site within 24 hrs.



Q: When will my comment about a school be posted?


A: Comments are posted immediately, however rude comments or comments with vulgar language will be removed from the site.



Q: Can my studio advertise on this website?


A: All advertising is done through the Google AdWords network. If you are interested in advertising please visit the Google AdWords account sign-up and register. With AdWords you can geographically target your ads and they will appear on this website.



Q:Where do you get the stores and schools listed on this website?


A: All businesses listed on this website are from the most current Winnipeg Yellow Pages directory list of guitar lessons in Winnipeg. If we missed your business, please feel free to contact us and let us know.